Printed Bands


Why not personalise your wristbands with some text and a graphic or indeed supply us with your own artwork? Here at ID8 we offer our customers 2 options to help order your printed bands



Is for those customers who wish to supply their own artwork. Just select the wristband width, chose a colour, quantity then upload your artwork. Once the artwork has been received you will receive a proof notifying you the artwork has met our criteria and the job has been placed into production.

At ID8 we understand not everybody has the time or software to sit down and design their own wristband artwork. Quite simply all you do is send us the text you require on the bands and chose a font from our list of over 100 styles. There is even over 300 icons to chose from as well.

For those wishing to add their own logo please just attach it. A professional designer will compose your artwork and send you a digital proof. Once approved by you the bands are posted. At all times you are in control of the project and in touch with a human being that understands your requirements and is on hand to give professional advise. The band pictures at the top of the page were all compiled by the customer and we are sure you will agree have come out really well. These results show a measure of complexity that can not be achieved by using a simple online design tool and indeed show a personal touch.

Printing Guidelines

Colour logos can print on the colour Tyvek® bands but it is important to know that the bands are already solid colour and the logo will be printed on top. This can change the colour of the logo and on darker bands distort it completely. Any part of a logo that is white will now be the colour of the band it is printed on. We recommend using a black logo if possible, we can even convert colour to Black for you. If you are unsure please ask. On font selection, the choice of CAPs and lowercase is actually quite important, especially when having more than one line of text. It is all down to the long thin band and the restrictive printing height.

A cursive font with long flowing loops on the Y’s for example can work well as a single line of text but over two lines takes up way too much space usually forcing you to use a smaller font size. It would be a better option to chose a different font for the second line. The use of capitals letters does not however need such planning because there are no loops.

Text is normally printed black as white and metallic options are not available. But colour text can work on a light colour band and indeed works well on Yellow, Neon Yellow, Lime, Aqua, Sky & Lime.

When designing your own artwork it is important to take into account the print area is a channel in the middle of the band. Text and graphics do not bleed off. Avoid heavy ink saturation and use of small reversed out type. Before placing an order it would be prudent to send us the desired artwork for approval.