Full Color Bands

This Tyvek® band undertakes a different printing process where as the band starts out white and is printed colour,  just like most printing methods. This gives greater scope to be creative with exciting deigns. But there are a few obstacles. The main issue being that the bands are already prepared in a sheet of 10 and just overprinted, separated by a light perforation. The problem is printing a design exactly between those perforations.

The technical word used within the printing industry for this kind of tolerance is ‘bleed’ and it is universally accepted that ‘bleed’ is 3mm. There is no ‘bleed’ between the bands. So when you have a band with a blue sky and green grass meeting at the perforation it is very likely that a piece of blue sky will end up on the bottom of the grass on the band above or visa versa. This is uncontrollable because of the characteristics of paper reacting in heat and moisture, it simply contracts or expands during the print process.

Our competitors simply place a 2mm white border top and bottom of the design, but again that can change during the print process. Say if the paper moves by just 0.5mm, almost impossible to detect with the naked eye, but that top white band is now 2.5mm and the bottom is 1.5mm, that is easy to see. Here at ID8 we have a solution. Better design techniques.

The first and the easiest is a background pattern for all 10 bands similar to a wallpaper design like the picture of the ‘Twinfest’ design where a simple design was dropped into a cloud background. Another technique would be to keep the design away from the edges which you can see in the ‘Wedding Festival’ designs. The only other drawback is the dull surface of the Tyvek® band. Colours will not ‘pop’ like they do on a glossy surface but tend to print quite flat. But some of the results we achieve are more than satisfactory.








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