Frequently Asked Questions

The material the bands are made of is waterproof. They can be worn in snowfall or indeed a light shower. Submerging the bands for a prolonged period will eventually cause the self adhesive tab to fail. However the bands can be worn for short period in a pool or a winter charity dip in the North Sea.

The band length is 250 mm and can be snipped back with a pair of scissors to fit a small wrists. We recommend the use of 19mm bands for a small child and to limit the amount of text along the length of the band because it may get covered up when on a small wrist.

On the 19mm band below we have printed all 271 words from William Shakespeare’s Henry V act 111, scene 1 in 4.5 pt. But the average band has no more than 15 words. Click on the image to see the actual size.

Henry v (1)

The text is usually ranged from the left hand side next to the tab and run along the band. This is because some people have bigger wrists than others, some wear the bands lose and some tight. There is no way of predicting the centre of a band when on a wrist.

Yes. Our professional service allows you to see a proof before the bands are printed off. At this stage you can make amendments and request another proof or if you are happy approve the proof for print.

Text printed on colour bands is usually printed black. The bands are pre-dyed so any colour printed on top will be affected by the colour beneath. Avoid colour text on darker bands, yellow text will just not show up on a purple band. However the lighter colour bands do show colour text quite well, especially yellow, sky Blue, silver and lime bands. But the text colour will be distorted.

Yes, but there is a few things to take in consideration. First of all is the size and resolution. The larger the better. 72 dpi little tiny pictures are great for digital transfer but no ideal for print which requires 300 dpi. So supply your logo quite large. Also look at the proportion of the logo. Is it the correct ratio for a long and wide wristband or is it tall and thin. Again printed black is best, colour logo’s are not ideal because they will not reproduce in true colour when printed on a colour band.

Emoji were created by the Japanese for use on mobile phones. They are extremely small digital files just 12×12 pixels and not ideal for print. However we have put together a set of Emoji’s that have been transferred into vector based files suitable for print. If you want to print a black Emoji please let us know which one and will notify you if a print version is available. click here to view emoji’s list

Unfortunately not. We can only print 1 design per wristband order.

Our business hours are 09.00 to 18.00, but we do have an arrangement with a 24 hour company next door which allows collections by arrangement only.

Yes we do. Please contact us for a price.

You will normally receive a proof of your order on the same day and once approved will be posted immediately. Orders normally take just 48 hours to complete.

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